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17 Sep 2017

Drones and AI the Future of Solar Panel Inspection

Use Case

Tectus Dreamlab is close to solving the difficulties of rooftop solar panel inspection — using drone-shot video combined with artificial intelligence (AI) processing to identify faults.

Trials in Singapore, where the Government expects to have 5,500 public housing blocks with solar panels by 2020, have helped develop an AI system that can identify individual solar panels from video footage and communicate to operators where remedial action is required.

The inspection data is recorded on a 3D BIM (Building Information Model) of the rooftops to give a highly accurate representation of its real-world location.

Defects are automatically detected and recorded on the system, which will be accessible from cloud-based storage over the web and on mobile devices, and as a component of Screening Eagle, the Tectus Dreamlab infrastructure management platform.

Tectus Dreamlab is working with BBR Greentech, the large-scale owner of solar panels on Singapore public housing, on the project.

BBR Greentech requires regular inspection and maintenance of its panels to prevent damage from bird-droppings and dirt. However, the roof-tops are a high-risk work environment, and general workers lack inspection knowledge. Traditional paper records have been unreliable and inefficient. Drones and AI have solved their issues.

Contact if interested in a trial of the technology.

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