Digitally monitor and track change in your assets in ways you’ve never thought possible.

Get total visibility of all information on an asset across its lifecycle: in 2D and 3D, in augmented and virtual reality, and on all devices.

Integrating building information modeling, smart devices, wearables, drones, sensors, IoT connectivity, cloud computing, big data, predictive analysis and neural networks, our platform removes all guesswork on asset valuation and condition.

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Screening Eagle’s success on Singapore construction site

Digitised inspection workflow and 3D issue tracking

Singapore Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd. has successfully deployed Screening Eagle for 3D issue tracking at the Wisteria project, a S$186 million mixed-use (condominium and mall) development in Singapore.

Screening Eagle enables you to record an issue in a 3D BIM, assign it, update it and communicate with your team as they work to solve and verify it.

Watch how the Wisteria project used Screening Eagle to track construction defects, reduce paper-work and enhance project communication here.

Screening Eagle powers cloud-based suite of NDT tools

Global NDT leader turns to Dreamlab for innovative technology

Proceq, the global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), has taken its instruments to the cloud and managed data using the Screening Eagle platform from Tectus Dreamlab.

Proceq Live connects sensors and probes – such as radar and ultrasonic – to the cloud via iPad.

The easy-to-use and highly functional suite includes artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to enable measurements and 3D viewing, and offers collaboration and data export tools.

It’s a world-first in the NDT industry and is powered by Screening Eagle!

GPR tool managed by app breaks new ground

Penetrating the ground, managed in the cloud

Global NDT leader Proceq has taken its ground penetrating radar (GPR) to new levels with an intuitive and deeply functional app created by Tectus Dreamlab.

The lightning-fast app makes GPR measurements a breeze with intuitive gestures and controls, and offers real-time and 3D views for easy data interpretation.

Measurements can be annotated with tags, photos, voice and comments and shared.

The app is integrated with the Screening Eagle platform.

Find out more about Proceq GPR Live here.

Ultrasonic strength tester managed by app a world-first

Ultrasonic tool’s supersonic iOS boost

An iOS app to manage an ultrasonic concrete testing tool has helped create the world’s first wireless, A.I.-assisted and cloud-enabled instrument of its kind.

The Pundit Live Array tool from global NDT leader Proceq uses an app created by Tectus Dreamlab to measure with real-time image adjustment, assisted calibration and automated positioning.

The app is integrated with the Screening Eagle platform.

Find out more about Pundit Live Array here.

Augmented reality GPR visualisation tool a world-first

Real-time tomography takes GPR to a new level

Simply ground-breaking! Tectus Dreamlab has created an augmented reality visualisation tool for Proceq ground-penetrating radar (GPR) that gives you real-time 3D tomographic views through an iPad.

Do away with grid paper. Forget downloading scan data to a PC and having to do time-consuming post-processing to get your 3D data. Use your iPad to superimpose a real-time generated image on your view of the real world and get highly accurate, 3D tomography.

See the tool, the first in the world with its capabilities,
in action here.

Autonomous indoor inspection drones

Taking building inspection to new heights

Imagine inspecting the ongoing construction of your high-rise building from the comfort of your office.

The drone will self-fly through a high-rise building site into multiple floors and rooms. It will collect photographic data and automatically generate a report with the images shown at their specific locations in a BIM model.

All this without GPS, Wifi or beacons and managed via an App-based Screening Eagle module.

Breakthrough products born from deep collaboration

Partnership key to Tectus Dreamlab’s success

Research and development is at the heart of Tectus Dreamlab. Our team drives innovation in technology to create next-generation solutions for industry.

Close partnership with outstanding government agencies and business is crucial to our work. It ensures our innovation matches your vision and it drives value creation.

Work with us to create technology advances that enhance the human experience and serve global markets.