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15 Oct 2017

Tectus Dreamlab Demonstrates HoloLens as a Workplace Management and Mentoring Tool

New Technology

Tectus Dreamlab is developing a tool for remote workplace management and mentoring using HoloLens, the Microsoft mixed reality smartglasses with self-contained, holographic computer.

Mixed reality is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world.

The Tectus Dreamlab demo used HoloLens to track a wearer’s activity path and generate a “heatmap” highlighting where the wearer focused their gaze.

Tectus Dreamlab proposes using data analytics combined with the heat map to give an accurate logbook of the wearer’s activity.

The company sees a strong future to integrate the remote management tool with its proprietary Screening Eagle Platform and use it in industrial workplaces to help guide and manage workers, especially junior technicians.

Watch the heatmap tracking trial here.