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18 Apr 2018

Milestone Reached as Autonomous Drone Flies Reliably Indoors

New Technology

Tectus Dreamlab is proud to announce a milestone in its “indoor navigation of drones for construction productivity” project.

The fully autonomous drone has now demonstrated an amazing reliability to fly indoors without GPS, Wi-Fi or beacons.

The technology that makes this possible is the drone’s processor that generates a real-time map from onboard LiDAR and pre-defined waypoints for the drone to follow.

Reliable indoor drone flight will allow for a wide range of industrial applications, including safety inspections, defect inspections and as-built check on high-rise or large-scale construction sites.

Tectus Dreamlab is now carrying out more in-depth testing and sees the indoor autonomous drone being ready for commercial industrial use in the near future.


“Indoor navigation of drones for construction productivity” is a joint research project between Tectus Dreamlab and National University of Singapore (NUS). We sincerely thank Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to fund this project under its 2-Stage Innovation Grant (iGrant).