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13 Jul 2018

iOS Crack Detection App Enhances Screening Eagle

New Technology

Tectus Dreamlab, revolutionising infrastructure management with the Screening Eagle platform, has enhanced the platform’s capability with a machine learning iOS app that detects and measures concrete cracks.

The app enables you to photograph a crack from your Apple device, then automatically digitises and measures it, and stores the data.

Improve your infrastructure management capabilities simply by taking a photo and letting the app automatically process the data.

Measurement accuracy will be further improved with data and machine learning algorithms.

Screening Eagle uses Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart devices, wearables, drones, sensors, IoT connectivity, cloud computing, big data, predictive analysis and neural networks to remove all guesswork on asset valuation and condition.

The Screening Eagle crack detection app adds a small but vital component to the platform enabling quick identification of concrete cracks in your infrastructure.