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16 Jan 2018

Groundbreaking AR Technology for GPR Systems Opens Up New Ways to View

New Technology

Tectus Dreamlab has created a world-first, augmented reality (AR), ground-penetrating radar (GPR) visualisation tool that gives you real-time tomographic views simply by looking at a test object though an iPad.

Put simply, users collect the data from a GPR scan and visualise it in a graph. The graph automatically aligns with the ground. On your iPad, in real-time, it gives a highly accurate 3D view of objects under the ground by superimposing a computer-generated image on your view of the real world.

Developed on iPad and Apple ARKit technologies, the system has been developed for the GPR Live system from Proceq, the global leader in non-destructive testing equipment.

It is the world’s first device that allows real-time computer tomography of concrete on-site, in 3D and real-time.

Do away with grid paper. Forget downloading scan data to a PC and having to do time-consuming post-processing to get your 3D data. Use the power of AR, Tectus Dreamlab and Proceq to view immediate results and boost your GPR productivity.


The AR GPR tool can also be used as a module on Screening Eagle, the infrastructure management platform from Tectus Dreamlab.

It is the world’s first GPR device that connects wirelessly to an iPad to sync to the Screening Eagle cloud for syncing to multiple iPads, and providing live data export and sharing.

Find out more about Screening Eagle here