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2 Oct 2018

Augmented Reality Powered App for NDT Launched Globally on the Apple® App Store

New Technology

A ground-breaking, augmented reality (AR) enhancement to a Tectus Dreamlab iOS app that lets users see inside concrete is now available on the Apple® App Store.

The AR-enhanced app, when used with the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) Live device from non-destructive-testing (NDT) technology leader Proceq, projects tomographic time-slice and 3D representations on to and into concrete structures via an iPad screen.

It gives an intuitive and easy- to-understand visualisation of measurements and radically boosts on-site data interpretation.

With on-site 3D, on-board AR and commercial options including hardware-as-a-service (HAAS), Proceq GPR Live products give unparalleled clarity when looking into concrete.

Tectus Dreamlab’s expertise in AR is further boosting Proceq’s already world leading NDT range of equipment.

Proceq CEO Ralph Mennicke said: “The release of this feature is just the start of a planned move into AR across the multi-technology Proceq Live product range. Our paradigm is to transform NDT workflows in ways most cannot even yet imagine”.

Marcel Poser, Tectus Dreamlab’s co-founder and Tectus Group CEO pointed out: “From early on, we have invested into IoT, AR, VR and A.I. for the benefit of all our group companies. The formation of Tectus Dreamlab and the cooperation with A*STAR, the governmental Research Agency in Singapore, has given to all our Tectus Group companies a unique and extraordinary innovation boost. Proceq in particular is adopting such new digital, mobile technological advances to give us a tangible competitive advantage in the NDT industry. The fact that we have become a sought-after employer by top talents from multiple disciplines endorses our innovation strategy.”

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