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3 Aug 2016

Unique Collaboration Between Tectus Dreamlab and Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) to Revolutionize Lifecycle Management of Infrastructure Assets Globally

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(SINGAPORE August 3 2016) Tectus Dreamlab and A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) today announced a partnership that will see the undertaking of joint research to develop capabilities in lifecycle management of infrastructure assets globally. The two-year partnership will involve over 20 top caliber and highly-experienced researchers from both organisations and is part of Tectus Dreamlab’s long-term commitment to the research and development (R&D) landscape in Singapore.

The first joint research project between Tectus Dreamlab and I2R aims to create innovative and sustainable solutions using latest technologies. It will draw upon the latest advances across diverse technology sectors – from virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing to mobile computing and visual computing and wearable technology.

This partnership enhances the premier project of Tectus Dreamlab and complements existing public and private partnerships initiated since Tectus Dreamlab was launched. The joint research teams will be housed in the Tectus Dreamlab office in Fusionopolis, Singapore. Covering 30 hectares, the Fusionopolis cluster provides an environment conducive to growth in the information and communications technologies (ICT), media, physical sciences and engineering industries. The stateof-the-art research facilities promote infinite possibilities in scientific research and technological breakthroughs, while its abundant resources empower scientists and researchers to discover, innovate and collaborate.

Marcel Poser, CEO, Tectus Group said: “We are constantly impressed with Singapore’s attitude towards innovation and the nation’s ability to embrace cutting-edge technology, while nurturing a future-ready workforce. With BBR Singapore, we have made great strides in improving the construction industry’s productivity by using the prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction method on various projects. Applying latest advances in digital and virtual technologies to the infrastructure industry is the next innovative venture we are spearheading in the joint research project with I2R.”

Prof Dim-Lee Kwong, Executive Director, I2R said, “Our collaboration with the Tectus Group is a major milestone in the research and development of advanced technologies for the lifecycle management of infrastructure assets. Together, we will work towards the delivery of innovative and cost-effective solutions that will enable businesses like Tectus to elevate their current capabilities within their diverse business portfolios and enable effective knowledge transfer to give companies a competitive edge.”

About Tectus Dreamlab Pte Ltd

The Tectus Group established Tectus Dreamlab Pte Ltd in Singapore in November 2015, to focus on cutting-edge, cross-functional research. At the new, state-of-the-art facility in Fusionopolis, the Tectus Dreamlab team works on cross-disciplinary R&D projects that leverage existing expertise within the Tectus Group, combined with the novel technologies and capabilities of various research platforms in Singapore. While the Tectus Group has enjoyed a long successful heritage in Singapore, Tectus Dreamlab is the Group’s first R&D-focused strategic investment in the city-state.

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About Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)

The Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R pronounced as i-squared-r) is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) family and is Singapore’s largest ICT research institute. Established in 2002, our vision is to power a vibrant and strong infocomm ecosystem in Singapore. We seek to foster world-class infocomm and media research and develop a deep talent pool of infocomm professionals to power a vibrant knowledge-based Singapore. At I²R, intelligence, communications and media form our three strategic thrusts. Our research capabilities are in shared sensor networks, public-public/public-private data-sharing platform, big data analytics and visualisation solutions.

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About the Tectus Group

The Tectus Group and associated companies is a family owned multinational business headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. With history reaching back over more than 70 years, the Tectus Group has established and run several successful companies across seven market segments – construction & engineering, media & entertainment, devices & solutions, biomedical, real estate, lifestyle and business advisory. An entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mindset, highest standards in quality and ethical practice are key to all activities the group leads. Read more about the Tectus Group at, about BBR Singapore at and Proceq SA at

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