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25 Sep 2018

Screening Eagle Innovations Highlighted at Disruptive Technology Summit in Hong Kong

In the Media

Screening Eagle’s technology innovations were highlighted by Tectus Group CEO Marcel Poser in a presentation to the UBS Disruptive Technology CEO Summit 2018 in September.

The Hong Kong summit, attended by over 300 CEOs and senior executives from technology companies and financial organisations around the world, looked at the impact of technology on business and how it was changing the world.

Marcel Poser highlighted how Screening Eagle was moving infrastructure inspection away from a manual, paper-based industry to a predictive, holistic model based on Internet of Things (IoT) inspection technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) data analytics.

He showcased two ground-breaking iOS apps, integrated with Screening Eagle, to highlight the broad capabilities of the platform.

One, a concrete crack detection app, trained using machine-learning algorithms to automatically recognise and measure cracks.

The other, a new augmented reality (AR) feature of the Proceq ground-penetrating radar (GPR) app, which visually projects tomographic time-slice and 3D representations on to and into concrete structures via an iPad screen, and radically enhances on-site data interpretation.

Tectus sees the future of infrastructure management as being a smart, on-demand platform – with Screening Eagle as its core – that scans and monitors physical assets to give a health certificate and remove all guess work when it comes to valuation and condition assessment.

Screening Eagle technology helps fix things before they are broken!

Why use Screening Eagle?

  • IoT inspection tech – connected and collaborative;
  • AI data – unrivalled depth of analysis;
  • Increase the life of your assets and avoid business disruption;
  • Gain a highly-accurate and verifiable asset health record and rating;
  • Boost NPV.

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