Screening Eagle


We are revolutionizing infrastructure inspection and management using new worlds of interaction and visualization. Monitor your assets and track changes in ways that you never thought possible.

The Screening Eagle Platform will integrate the best of technology with human input. It will combine technological advances in Building Information Modeling (BIM), smart devices, wearables, drones, sensors, featuring full Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, along with virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, big data, predictive analysis and neural networks. It will give every infrastructure asset a health certification and remove all guesswork when it comes to valuation and condition assessment.

Wearable Wireless Sensor Network

Learning More about You

Enhance life’s experiences with new levels of information. Quantify performance and self-development simply by what you wear.

Using an affordable, intuitive and holistic solution, what if you can capture your posture or movements for analysis and recommendations. With a seamless, wireless and synchronised wearable sensor network attached to your body, data can be uploaded to your phone or mobile device for real-time coaching, performance management and improvement.